Most photos on my site require Registration and a Private Link to view. REGISTRATION REQUIRES A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS TO AUTOMATICALLY BOUNCE BACK YOUR PERSONAL LINK TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION. Looking for an event/game? Email me at with Date, Details, and a brief description to be eligible for your own private link. Not all events/games are posted online or available.

I shoot photos for the ScoreBoard Magazine plus some freelance/contract work. I am a member of the National Association of Press Photographers ( ) and a Sports Shooter Member ( ). is an online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists. Membership is by invitation and candidates must submit a portfolio illustrating their capabilities for consideration to become an eligible member.

Want coverage for your athlete or team? Contact me at for details. Please provide your name, daytime phone number, and short description of coverage requested.

The pictures posted in galleries on BuyYourPic are uploaded without custom color correction since the Professional Lab color corrects each print as ordered to help make it possible for you to receive the best print possible. Need to contact me: Don Bradley email address is . Visit my SportsShooter site for more information about me at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I specialize in sports photography, action shots, team and individual packages, as well as on location work for portraits, individuals, families, groups. You are responsible for verifying and adjusting the crop at checkout.

Thank you for visiting my site.
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